We sit and ponder on things that makes us itself is a mystery and one can’t fully grasp why somethings are the way they are. There are so many things one can’t seem to find answers to,even science has a long way to go because this things goes way beyond the human understanding. Well, i am puzzled by it all and i  don’t know about you.

You have everything going well for you in life. You have your dream job,you ride a good car,you live in a luxurious apartment and you have that family you ever wanted and your thoughts are only centered on what you presently have and you feel fulfilled but you think not what would happen in the blink of an eye and you might just lose everything in a matter of seconds. It takes years of hardwork and dedication to build your success but it takes just a second to lose everything or have it taken away and that is the way life is.can you tell why these tragic incidents happens, it is just something we cannot unravel.when you think life has dealt you more than you can chew and nothing more can shake you,then life goes ahead to throw a more bigger rock at you than you can handle.

People wake up with thoughts that the day will be better than the previous one and they set out to find that which they truly want with high expectation but they don’t come back because death calls. A person at the pinnacle of his/her career is about to be crowned for his/her efforts and that it is like a dream come true but something tragic or unexpected happens and it becomes an unfulfilled dream.
Though,death cannot be stopped or avoided but preparedness for anything unexpected might just be a step to dealing with tragic situations.Death is not something new that one has not heard of and it shouldn’t incite fear that is unwarranted for because sooner or later everyone will die but it is how or when that people tend to be concerned with. I have read different articles and books that specifically talks about death in the most horrifying way possible but the fact is no one can escape death and with what is going on in the world, people don’t value their lives anymore and that is why suicide has become a rather amusing trend for both the young and old at large. Time will never wait for anyone and it is no respecter of status, position or the present predicament you are going through in life. I solely agree with the saying live your life like it is your last because when tragedy strucks,you won’t be available anymore to tell what went wrong. 

Today might be your last,you never can tell so take a step to doing that which you have ever wanted to do,that thing which you have great passion for and stop waiting for the right time because that is what will not be available anymore when darkness falls.


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