In life and on a daily basis we encounter different faces and places that we don’t ever get to see again and sometimes if by chance we get to see those places or faces again in which fate comes to play,it might signify something special.But do these places or faces creates that blueprint in our minds that is worth remembering.well, some does while others doesn’t.

People come and go but it is how positively they impact in one’s life that matters. Some people just pose a big threat to one’s life and in place leaves a deep hole that cannot be filled while others transforms one’s life positively and leaves a glow that would last for a relatively long period of time.”Sometimes it takes the exit of a person from one’s life to discover something worth more”. 

Maybe sometimes it is better to be alone so as to have time to think properly because having people around will only make things quite complicated. It is not new that some people are not worth the help one renders to them because they tend to abuse one’s kindness and in turn take one for granted. They show their ingratitude in the most ruthless way possible and one keeps wondering if it was ever bad to be of help to a fellow human being.

Humans are very complex and it takes proper observation to study how they react and relate to those around them. In recent times, the cruelest nature of humans has been witnessed in the most gruesome way ever. To what selfish interest do one become a tool in the hands of greed which paves way for violence and other atrocious deeds but these are just the mysteries that makes life a whole lot compelling because one cannot fully know why things are the way they are and that is what makes it a challenge.